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Frontier Series 2023

Step back in time and journey into the wild, untamed heart of the western United States! Once hailed as the exhilarating "new frontier," this vast expanse bore witness to daring explorations, fiery revolutions, and ambitious expansions. As pioneers bravely carved out settlements in this untamed realm, a rich tapestry of forts, barracks, and stockades emerged, acting as the region's steadfast guardians against unseen threats.

Our "Frontier Series" pays homage to these audacious souls who defied the odds, turning dreams of a new beginning into reality. They were the spirit of adventure, the embodiment of tenacity, and the very heart of Texas!

While many of the surviving relics of this era stand tall in brick and mortar, the true essence of these early fortresses lay in their robust wooden frameworks. Capturing this raw and rugged charm, the Frontier Series brings to life playgrounds echoing the woodsy, organic vibes of yesteryears. Prepare to be enthralled by designs teeming with natural rock climbers, whimsical log tunnels featuring cheeky squirrels, stepping pods resembling authentic logs, and so much more!

We invite you to relive these legendary tales of yore through our handcrafted designs. Let the young ones immerse themselves in an era of undying spirit and boundless adventures, as the Frontier Series rekindles the magic of the past with every play! 🌲🐿️🌄