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Independent Play

We have all the independent play zones, outside or indoor play range equipment you can get your hands on here at Playground Depot. Our Independent Play are adequately inventive to help kids 5 to 12 years of age stay physically fit while having an extraordinary time playing Tarzan, Indiana Jones, or some different youths most adored film characters.
Our Independent Play series offers a play environment that is secure and safe to ensure that children can have a break without the risk of taking in lead as every Independent Play equipment are secured with the finest covering material called LLDPE or the Linear Low Density Polyethylene.
Our Independent Play consolidates the going with play equip: the Ant Hill, the Frontiers, and the X-Spider Net (which is ASTM ensured), the Spring Riders, and the Motion Play. These have unmistakable segments planned to draw out the best physical and mental, and moreover social venture of your adolescents.
Our X-Spider Net for event is a creative development that is incredibly strong, versatile, and strong since it is delivered utilizing a specific UV Polyamid strings with steel strands that are Hi-sorted out zinc secured. The blueprint turns out outstandingly hard to kids as it lifts a longing to get a handle on the sentiment wild experience.