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Frontier Series 2022

The western United States was once considered the new frontier. The extreme limit of settled land beyond which lies wilderness, especially.

Throughout Texas history, whether during exploration, colonization, revolution, or expansion, Texans stayed busy establishing forts, presidios, military camps, barracks, and stockades to ward off potential enemies.

This series has been created in memory of the great pioneers who persevered through tremendous challenges to settle and develop this land hundreds of years ago.

Many of the historical forts that remain today were built from brick and mortar however the material that was originally used for most fort during the early days of settlement were made of wood and that is the theme that the Frontier Series series was create to resemble.

In the designs for this series you will see features such as natural rock climbers, log tunnels with squirrels popping out of the side, natural log stepping pods and much more. We truly hope that you enjoy these designs and that the children enjoy the unique natural theme that we intended to deliver during the creation of these.