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GL-1402 | Outdoor Playground Equipment

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Age Group: 2~12
Safety Use Zone: 59' x 43'
CBM (m3): 21
Child Capacity : 40~44
Product Details:

Natural Landscape Series is a natural fit when it comes to planning outdoor play spaces. Our Natural Landscape Series combines the adventure and exploration of nature with the durability safety and low maintenance of high-quality play equipment. Available with 4" x 4" Composite Upright Posts with a galvanized steel inner core and available with our traditional 5" Round Upright Posts.

COMPONENTS: Timber Window Panel / Timber Tic-Tac-Toe Panel / Boulder Climber / Inter Steps / PE Shapes Panel / Sky Walker / Cargo Climber / PE Maze Panel / Curved Tunnel Slide / Timber Crawl Tunnel / Suspension Bridge / Stump Jumps / Gabel Straw Roof / Timber Safety Panel / Counter Panel / Stump Jumps / Boulder Walk / Timber Stump Climber / Stump Jumps / Straight Timber Slide / Stair / Straight Timber Slide

*Playground Depot offers turn-key installation services as well as safety surfacing and site amenities.  Please visit our FAQ page and articles library for more information on complete project budgeting. Please feel free to call us for any questions or formal estimates at 877-568-4718. Prices are subject to change without notice. If you are planning to purchase a playground later in the year be sure to contact us right away so we can lock in current pricing. Some play structures can take 5-8 weeks for manufacturing and delivery so ask your customer service representative to provide you with an estimated delivery date.

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